Welcome to our Adaptable Leadership course!

We are so excited to be on this learning journey with you and we trust that you will get a lot of value from this program. As you work through the course, please remember to avoid external distractions – so you can stay tightly focused on learning and take away as much as possible from the course.

There are a number of quizzes throughout this program for you to answer subjectively and they will not be graded. When you complete the course, we will send you a workbook (approximately 3-7 business days later) with all of your answers from the quizzes and some helpful notes from our team for you to further your learning.

If you have any questions about the course, please reach out to us using the ‘Contact Us’ form found in the top menu.

Before you start this course, please make sure you add your first and last name under Account Details (found in ‘My Account’) as this will appear on your Certificate of Completion at the end of this course!

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