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Introduction to Professional Minute Taking

Have you ever been called into a meeting last minute to take notes and then produce minutes that accurately and appropriately reflect the decisions, agreements, motions and actions of the meeting?

Do you find your anxiety escalates as voices and tensions in the meeting rise – and your ability to stay focused decreases?

Are you interested in learning how to pay attention, identify what needs to be recorded (ignoring the rest) and take fast, concise notes that you can later translate into meaningful minutes?

Do you want to learn how to maintain a mental and physiological ‘state’ that enables you to perform at your best, throughout every meeting?

Key concepts covered include:

  • the preparation that supports peak performance during the meeting
  • how to take concise, accurate and clear notes during a meeting
  • strategies to amplify support from the Chairperson
  • tactics for producing accurate, appropriate and relevant minutes after the meeting
  • tips and techniques to hone your skills to a professional level.

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